How to choose the Perfect Engagement Ring in 5 Steps

How to choose the Perfect Engagement Ring in 5 Steps

So, you’re prepared to ask the question of your love life. But taking on board the precious stones/metals, cut of the diamond, precious metals, and additional details to consider. How would you bridge over the not-quite-right engagement rings to the one that’s guaranteed to take her breath away?

1. Don’t Panic.

Whatever you read, buy, say or do - don't panic. You wouldn't even consider a ring if you weren't ready to take this step on board. So, take a deep breath and relax. Let us broaden your horizon, so you can chose a ring or any other gift for your loved one with ease. Take into consideration, this is a beginning that you have already began. Yes, there will be pressure in society on finding that perfect engagement ring and throwing the best wedding out of your whole neighbourhood, but the reality is: this is about you and your love. If you take the first step with her in mind, the features will come naturally and finding the ring won't seem like the most difficult mission in the world.

2. Think of Her Style.

As we mentioned, "take the first step with her in mind" This is exactly where you start. Being in a loving relationship, you probably have a commencing idea on what her style is: favourite colours, brands, accessories, and the list goes through this blog. Note down her favourites: 

  • Does she enjoy the alllure of smaller, delicate jewelry?
  • Does she move towards the whimsical and eclectic?
  • Does she favour the wow component of a flashy piece?

Pay attention and take mental notes of what type of jewelry she wears when you go out together, the types of precious gemstones (ruby, emerald, diamond, sapphire etc ) and even you may note that she wears a specific type of gold ( yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, etc.) Don't get too overwhelmed with the precise details, just make sure you know what pleases her.

What we mean by our slogan - "jewelry that fits your lifestyle". As you are analyzing your loved one, ask yourself these following questions about her day-to-day life:  

  • Does she use her hands a lot during work ?
  • Does she stay equitably active all day ? 

These are minor details that often get lost in the process of analyzing your love. Remember not to get too caught up in the fashion; this ring must fit her lifestyle as well as her fashion style. 


Next, ask yourself this question: what’s her day-to-day like? Does she work with her hands a lot, or stay fairly active all day? This is a minor detail that sometimes gets forgotten. It’s not all about the fashion; this ring must fit her lifestyle as well as her style.

Most importantly, do you know what she doesn’t like? Take note of that as well (like if she “can’t stand chocolate diamonds” or “could never see herself even considering a halo” or “has no idea why pave diamonds are even a thing”).

Knowing what she likes, what she doesn’t like, what she wears most, and what her day is like should be your number one guide to finding the perfect ring for her.

3. Fix your Budget

Before heading off to the jewellery store, you should set a budget for the wedding ring. Many traditions hold the belief that a man ought to burn through two months of their pay on the wedding band. Regardless of whether you fit in with it will rely upon your desire to follow the tradition. The only thing that is in any way important is that you pick a ring in accordance with what you can manage, so set up a financial plan before browsing.

After settling on a figure for your financial plan, go for it ! Having a preset spending will make it less demanding for you once you begin shopping and hence limit your choices. You should take note of that the cost will significantly vary based on whether you choose platinum, gold, silver or even extra diamonds/precious stones. Engraving will likewise add to the cost. The cost of engraving is generally based on the quantity of characters, the text style, and if it is engraved by hand or machine.

4. Weigh Your Options

Okay, so you’ve traveled this far and the finish line is becoming visible. After extensive research, countless prayers and soul-searching you might have boiled down to a few options. This is where you pick up the pace and dig the deepest: what ring screams "this is it"? This might be a instant decision that just feels right for some, and a pro-con list for others. But, regardless of which direction you set your sails, the ultimate decision is your call. ( You can do it ! ) 


5. Seriously, Don’t Panic

At the end of the day, choosing the perfect ring comes down to the details. But, no matter how much the price may be, no matter how many additional stones you add, no matter the cut, stone or color...the ultimate destination is to find a ring that tells your story and fits her lifestyle.

Congratulations, you're about to take a big leap, but there is nothing to worry. As long as you have jotted notes, took the time to learn what's out there, kept the most valuable points in mind, you will smash this. We haven't reached the stage of predicting the ring you will end up choosing, but we can guarantee one thing: 

No matter which ring you chose, she will love it because you put in the effort, done your research and took the time to make sure it was perfect for her. In return, you will see the biggest smile ever. Best of luck to you !

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