10 Fun Facts you need to know about the AK-47

10 Fun Facts you need to know about the AK-47

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1. Invented a year after the Word War II ended in 1946, and emerged in the Soviet Army in 1949

2. Crafted by Lieutenant Mikhail Kalashnikov who was a wounded tank sergeant at the time

The notorious Assault Rife was invented by the Great Lieutenant-General Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalahnikov - hence the name, Avtomat Kalahnikova (Automatic Kalashnikov)

3. Hybrid of the other Assault Rifles that existed in the time of it's design

One of the many reasons why the AK stands out and continues to is the fact that it is a hybrid of all the Assault Rifles that existed at the time of its design. It incorporates the key features of many powerful rifles : American M1 Carbine, John Browning designed Remington Model 8 Rifle, and the German Sturmgewehr 44.

4. Incredible Modifications in the last 60 years

The AK-47 wins the award of the most customized Assault Rifle by far. Modifications can range from anywhere to custom paint to holographic sights, however this sights are not much needed with the accuracy of the iron sights.

5. Many variants of the original AK-47, but all have the indistinguishable, curved 30-round magazine. 

6. Pin-Point Accuracy 

The range most effective for AK-47s is 300 meters, and it's impressively accurate up-to this range. However, accurate golden shooters can hit a target at 800 meters. 

7. AK-47s can mount Grenade Launchers. 


8. Almost, Unstoppable Penetration Power

The AK-47 is not only famous for its reliability and unique style, however its penetration is so powerful that it can go through walls or even a car's metal body and hit a target behind them. Basically, it would be almost impossible for one to save themselves from an AK-47 bullet hiding behind the door of a car.

9. So cheap that it is costlier to repair than replace it. 

10. World’s most illegally sold assault rifle


It is pretty safe to say now that AK-47 is no joke when it comes down to reliability, accuracy and performance. If you found this post valuable be sure to follow future commands from Sgt. AJ Brooks, were we will be exploring a range of different weapons, armory, military, gadgets and much more.

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